"Look upon another with soft gaze and see them through the eyes of love, silently observe their darkness and their light. See them as they are and not as you wish them to be
and you will see them for the first time" 

After graduating St. Joost Art academy, Jolijn Snijders (36) worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in advertising, shortly after she started her career as a photographer. 

Young fresh, go-getting talent, with a strong personality and a rebel attitude, she established I Love Fake magazine, an independent print and online publication, where she created 5 classic issues of the magazine selling out in 34 countries. Here she earned experience and visibilty with ther motto CELEBRATING THE SPIRIT OF YOUTH. Absolute magic in casting, jolijn has a special eye for finding upcoming models and is known for capturing their personality in a raw romantic setting.
She is currently based in the netherlands  where she works in her own studio in Eindhoven, when not travelling for work.